Training & MEWP Familiarisation 
Emergency Lowering Procedure and Rescue Plan
A full description of the emergency lowering procedure can be found in the Operator’s Manual which must be supplied with the MEWP. In the event of an emergency or malfunction, a nominated trained site-based person needs to be familiar with MEWP’s ground controls and know how to use emergency descent system in case the operator is unable to lower machine from the basket. The rescue plan should also include call-out details for a competent service engineer. Emergency lowering and rescue procedure must be practised at regular intervals.
On-site Training Requirements:
Our training courses are conducted at your premises or on site for your convenience. All aerial access equipment must be in good working order and have a current Certificate of Thorough Examination (LOLER Inspection) and a MEWP Operator’s Manual supplied with the machine. Site facilities must include a meeting room with blinds, tables, chairs, a power point and a white wall or a projector screen for the theory session. An area allocated for the practical session must be suitable for the full operation of the MEWP used for training. All delegates must have suitable PPE including safety shoes, hard hat, hand and eye protection, harness and lanyard. A mix of theory and practical instruction is followed by a practical and a written test. Upon successful completion and assessment trainees are issued with all necessary documentation.
Alfa Access Services Ltd offer a range of on-site MEWP Operator training courses as well as training in the safe use of Harnesses. All training is carried out by a fully qualified instructor to internationally recognised standard. Upon successful completion of the course, delegates receive a card or ‘licence’ and/or a certificate listing the categories of MEWPs they are trained to operate. Officially recognised basic training will help your employees to work safely and efficiently at height. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all operators are fully trained and familiar with a particular make or model of MEWP before being authorised to use it. In addition to formal training for the type of MEWP, we offer follow-on Recorded Familiarisation training which covers features and control functions of a specific model of MEWP, manufacturer’s operating instructions, warnings and safety devices, emergency lowering procedure and basic maintenance.
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