Premium Quality Non-Marking Rubber Tracks
Alfa Access Services Ltd supplies premium quality non-marking (white / grey) rubber tracks produced by the leading OEM tracks and undercarriage systems maker. The tracks are designed and manufactured using high-performance rubber and steel, patented technology and state-of-the-art facilities. Non-marking rubber tracks are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Non-marking tracks do not leave marks on the flooring, making them an ideal solution for powered access platforms that are used indoors. Alfa Access Services Ltd supplies non-marking rubber tracks of various dimensions, profiles and specifications. Discounts are available for large orders, please contact us for details. We offer outstanding reliability at an affordable price!
Alfa Access Services Ltd is the official Teupen Maschinenbau GmbH Service Partner in the UK & Ireland. We exclusively supply a full range of spare parts and accessories for TEUPEN tracked access platforms, including: service parts (air, oil, fuel and hydraulic filters, lubricants, biodegradable hydraulic oil) cabled and wireless remote control boxes, sliding stabiliser pads, warning decals, track mats, white non-marking tracks joysticks, controllers, limit switches, levelling sensors, circuit  boards, engines, motors, pumps, complete wiring looms, hydraulic hoses and seal kits, pins, wear pads, mounting brackets covers, enclosures, telescoping boom sections, jibs, baskets, cage ladders, chassis, belly pans, outriggers. Optional spray painting to order is available (classic Teupen red and custom colours)
Teupen Maschinenbau GmbH offers a 2 year warranty on all models of aerial access platforms. For technical assistance or to arrange a warranty call-out in the UK and Ireland please contact Alfa Access Sevices Ltd on  +44 (0) 800 193 0045 or email
TEUPEN Warranty Repairs and Technical Assistance
Our UK-based highly competent TEUPEN trained engineers are experienced in delivering scheduled preventative maintenance programmes & service, as well as breakdown diagnosis & repairs with the benefit of spare parts availability and direct expert support from Teupen factory in Germany. We carry out LOLER Inspection (Thorough Examination), complete major refurbishment, life-cycle works, boom strip down, accidental damage repairs and familiarisation training on all models of Teupen powered access equipment.
TEUPEN is a manufacturer of premium quality powered access platforms, famed for its cutting-edge design, innovation and pioneering solutions of complex height access challenges. Its superior technology, robust build quality and reliability deliver meaningful performance parameters and the highest safety standards to satisfy customers’ needs.
Please contact us if you require TEUPEN electrical wiring diagrams, hydraulic diagrams, technical specifications or operating manuals. Teupen Leo 15GT Plus Teupen Leo 13GT Teupen Leo 23GT Teupen Leo 25T Plus Teupen Leo 36T Teupen Leo 40GTX Teupen Leo 50GTX
GantiCharger - The Eco-friendly Solution
GantiCharger is a smart charger that delivers individually measured inputs to each battery for up to 6 batteries in a single pack. It is suitable for lead-acid, AGM and gel batteries and can charge batteries of different chemistry simultaneously!  6V, 8V and 12V versions for packs of 2, 4 and 6 batteries are available. Separate charging means that each battery is charged to maximum capacity; GantiCharger then floats and doesn’t boil the batteries; it also indicates when a replacement battery is needed. Unlike a conventional charger, the power can be left on without causing damage to batteries, reducing the need to keep topping up and replacing them. This unique charger has a built in de-sulphating function, which transmits high frequency pulses in short intervals. By reducing corrosion, GantiCharger makes the batteries last up to 3 times longer than batteries charged with a conventional charger. GantiCharger can be powered by a 220v-240v or 110v supply delivered by mains power, generator, inverter or transformer. You can be assured that all your batteries are getting the correct charge even on the move! The GantiCharger is virtually silent in operation, and is perfect as a workshop bench charger, plant and machinery charger for construction, marine and leisure applications. Please contact us for advice on suitability and fitting.
Teupen Out-of-warranty Repairs
BRAVI Service, Warranty & Spare Parts
DENKA Service, Warranty & Spare Parts UK
BRAVI specialise in manufacturing versatile, robust and reliable low level access machines - light compact units perfect for retail, warehousing and building maintenance work. Alfa Access Services Ltd carry out UK warranty repairs, out- of-warranty repairs, training and supply spare parts for all models of Bravi machines: Bravi Lite, Leonardo HD, Lui 460, Sprint, Spin-Go, Solo Gyps.
BRAVIISOL Platforms S.S. Adriatica, 16 Km.314,600 60022 CASTELFIDARDO (AN) ITALY     
0800 193 0045
Alfa Access Services Ltd are working in cooperation with Rothlehner Arbeitsbühnen GmbH to provide technical support, warranty repairs, service and spare parts for DENKA aerial access platforms in the UK. Rothlehner Group manufactures and develops DENKA Narrow and Trailer ranges in Germany, having acquired DENKA assets and rights in 2013 after 30 years of strong partnership. We supply spare parts for the following DENKA LIFT work platform ranges: Denka Lift Narrow Series – DL19N, DL22N, DL25N, DL28N Denka Lift Trailer Series – Junior 12, DK18, DK25, DL18, DL21, DL25, DL30 Please contact Alfa Access Services if you require warranty or out-of-warranty repairs, service, technical support, LOLER Inspection or spare parts for your DENKA LIFT.
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Available GantiCharger versions:
2 Channel 18A 6V      2 Channel 15A 12V 4 Channel 18A 6V      4 Channel 15A 12V 6 Channel 18A 6V      6 Channel 15A 12V 2 Channel 15A 8V      4 Channel 15A 8V
Remote LED Display Remote LED Extension Cable 1.5 m Remote LED Extension Cable 3 m
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